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Cassandra Collier always knew she was different. She just didn't know how substantial those differences were. When she's dragged into another world, and forced to face an enemy who wants her dead, the only man who can truly save her is the one man she can't have.


The Mortisalian Saga is set in two parallel universes filled with love, romance, war, and intrigue. There are four books in the saga, all available on Amazon and KU.


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When Drew Tucker, president of The Hounds of Babylon MC, was released from prison after serving a sentence he could have avoided, he's out for revenge. The last thing he needs is a down-and-out blonde waitress standing in his way, messing up his plans, and fighting back in a way no man ever has. This is a love story to rival all love stories.


Dare you enter Babylon?

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As much as I love to write a continual series where I can return to the universe I've fallen in love with over and over again, sometimes inspiration strikes and a single story settles into my brain. 


Some of these stories mean the world to me. Most of the characters have wedged themselves into my heart and they stay there. 

A Shot in the Dark

A Fight for Ethan (A Road to Wonderland Story)

The Only Exception (A Road to Wonderland Story — Collaboration)

Before Us... There Was Him

Where is Amber?

I have so many ideas and plans it's difficult to know where to start... 

I am a trope/genre hopper. I don't think in straight lines when it comes to plots, just like my dreams they come completely nonlinear and random. So when I say I have a lot on the works, that includes, but is not limited to: 

• Werewolves

• Vampires

• Witches

• Assassins

• Teenagers

• Multidimensional

• Rough Topics

• Raw Emotions

• Love

• Romance

• Hate

• Demons

• Hellbeasts

Some of these cross paths, some more unthought of combinations. The possibilities are limitless.