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The Favor

The Favor

The Favor


Jared's frosty reception should make Kit's job easier to walk away from, but that cold, hard side of him doesn't last forever.

Eager to please, she is happy to follow through with the wishes of her Mistress, until she meets the source of the request. Jared comes as a surprise, filled with unexpected anger and resentment, he's unsure why Kit is even present in his family home, and he's not at all welcoming to the idea of using her for his own pleasure. 

Kit has an adventurous sex life, which is exactly what leads her to the feet of her current Mistress. It's only when she's loaned out to an old friend that everything Kit thought she knew is suddenly thrown into turmoilThinking she knows who she is, neither does Kit's resistance. 

No one counted on them growing attached. It was always meant to be a simple, little favor.

Also available in



You, Me, and The Memories


Rule number one: keep your past in the past, your heart locked away, but never say no to a little fun.

That's what Kamryn Galvez lives by when she takes on her new role at the infamous Club Stigmata. 

Her life is going to plan until she meets the Dominant of her dreams; an intense cowboy with country charm, smooth hands, and rules of his own he expects his subs to adhere to. Tristan McMillan isn't like the rest of them, and despite thinking she has it all under control, Kamryn soon realizes she's playing a dangerous game. One that doesn't give a damn about her rules.

Also available in


You, Me, and The Crazy Ex


Emerson Henley wasn't afraid of love. She'd just never found a guy that sparked her interest beyond a night of bondage and play. 

When a blind date organized by her younger sister goes awry, Emerson heads home and spots a sexy mystery man on the streetcar. 

When the mystery man appears in Club Stigmata and chooses Emerson to play with, their chemistry is off the charts. Unfortunately, he also has a past he can't seem to shake. 

Also available in


You, Me, and The Stalker


Zara Beltran desperately needs a change. Her life has become a mess she has no control over, and if she stays where she is much longer, there will be no escape.

Out of options, Zara heads to New Orleans to spend time with her estranged sister, hoping to God that her problems don’t follow her.

When her search leads her to Club Stigmata, she comes face to face with a sexy and sarcastic man who stirs her up inside without much effort.

The last thing Zara needs is another man in her life, but Mark Chilton has a way about him—something Zara can’t stay away from. Not even when her past mistakes begin to haunt her.

Also available in


You, Me, and The Secret


Shauna Monroe had it all once upon a time, but somehow life got in the way, and she was forced to walk away, but not without a parting gift.

Seven years later, Asher Morris walks back into her life, and all those emotions she buried resurface, especially when he makes it clear he's there for her.

Only Shauna has a secret, and it could change everything.

Also available in


You, Me, and The Experiment


Lane Beltran has loved Thomas Hayward for as long as she can remember, but the trauma of her troubled past holds her back from giving him everything he craves… especially her submission.

Realizing that he will never be whole if he stays with her, Lane sets him free, hurting both of them in the process.

When they’re suddenly thrown into an unexpected work situation, the two are finally forced to face their choices, only to realize that their chemistry hasn’t diminished one bit.

Lane’s determination to forget the love of her life is about to backfire because Thomas is a Dominant, and he always gets what he wants.

Including her.

Also available in


You, Me, and The Pain


There’s a sadistic monster inside Christopher Hayward that seeks out pain and thrives on it. Brooding over an old wound, he takes a business trip to clear his head, only to discover an intriguing exhibitionist stripping in a roadside club outside Charleston. Beautiful, young, and far too innocent for him, Christopher pushes beautiful Regan’s advances away, and he does it for her own good. An angel like her would be destroyed by a beast like him.

All Regan Duran has ever wanted to do is dance, and when a mysterious stranger called Christopher offers to help her get to her next audition in New York, she takes him up on it with minimal hesitation. The man is gorgeous, after all. But soon, things turn complicated, and despite him trying to warn her just how dangerous it would be to get close to him, their attraction only grows and grows.

When Christopher eventually cracks, inviting Regan into his secret world for one night only, it changes everything, just like he said it would, leaving neither of them with a way out that doesn’t cause the other pain.

Also available in

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